[POSTER REQUEST] You are Mine for RnD (2nd Version)

Fanfiction Poster titled “YOU ARE MINE” for RnD has been completely done!

Thank you for your patient for all this long time 🙂
Sorry for making you wait longer for this poster 😦

and finally, after all this time, here this below is your poster that you’ve been waiting for! 😀
Click to enlarge the posters and save them for the better quality! 😀

Don’t hesitate to give me like and feedback about this poster, your feedback is precious to me 🙂
and don’t forget to give me FULL and PROPER credit when you post this poster to your site 😉

How? It’s so simple, sweetie 😉

Just follow this credit line of mine below with proper hyperlink inside! 

Poster by Heo Min Jae @ MyKpopIdolWorld.wordpress.com

Okay, thank you for requesting to me! 😀
Hope you will always keep requesting to me in the future 😀


One Comment Add yours

  1. RnD says:

    Makasih kak….. keren banget kak….😀😀

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